December 5

SBC Week 8: Visiting Other Blogs – Game 2

SBC – 8

Sadie‘s Blog:

  • Summary:
  • Her blog post included a word cloud that had words revolving around the theme of unemployment as one of the global issues. In addition to that she defined each term in the section below.
  • Comment I left:
  • Hey Sadie,
    I really like how you thought about how to present your topic and the word cloud was a great way to present your research. Your definitions are also very well detailed. One suggestion would be to be specific in terms of in what countries is this mostly happening but other than that great post 🙂 – Sally

Asha’s Blog: 

  • Summary:
  • Asha wrote about child labor and how children are affected by in, where it is most common, how we are contributing about it and the different laws in different countries. Her post was very well written.
  • Comment I left: 
  • Dear Asha,
    Your post is very well detailed, contains information that is not only relevant to your topic but also specific. You have included numbers and brands which is key to a great post. Honestly, you have raised a huge issue that I wish was less frequent and you did a great job delivering key information. Really nice post.
    – Sally

Aurianna’s Blog

  • Summary:
  • Aurianna chose to talk about Jamaica and put down the link to two different videos that taught the readers the Jamaican alphabet and different pronunciations of words.
  • Comment I left:
  • Hi there Aurianna,
    I personally love Jamaican music and culture and I am glad I got to learn some new words. These videos were not only entertaining but very clear.

    Thank you,

Zach’s Blog:

  • Summary: His post was about the artist Paul Klee that once said, “a drawing is simply taking a line for a walk” and he showed some of the drawings he made modeling Paul Klee’s style.
  • Comment I left:
  • Dear Zack,
    Your art work is stunning especially the second one. How long have you taken art and would you consider pursing it as a hobby?
    – Sally

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