October 23

Commenting in Action

Student Blog Challenge Week 2 – Activity 5

Farrah’s Blog: https://farraway.weebly.com/

Hi There Farrah,
My name is Sally and I go to ISD in Senegal. I came across this post on the flip board page and I absolutely loved it. You clearly explained each component of the avatar and how you related that to your personal looks and ideas. I truly enjoyed this post.

Like to my blog: https://gankalisd21.edublogs.org/

Fiona’s Blog: http://techkidfiona.edublogs.org

Hi Fiona,

My name is Sally and I go to ISD in Senegal. Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love the theme of your blog. Additionally, your post about guidelines for commenting was very well done. You did not only give tips but also went into detail explaining each one which is very helpful for the reader. And to top it all of you gave an example which is great.

Great Work.
– Sally
Link to my blog: https://gankalisd21.edublogs.org/

Joshua’s Blog: http://21joshb.edublogs.org/

Hey Joshua,
I really enjoyed learning somethings about you that I did not know before. Such as you play ultimate frisbee and that you love debating. I also like debating and I hope we have the chance to one day. Additionally, you have great transition words and wrote a very concise yet specific post that I truly enjoyed

Link to my blog: https://gankalisd21.edublogs.org/

Ruquyya’s Blog: http://rukayyaa.edublogs.org/

Hey Ruqquya,
Let my just say wow. I wanted to comment this on you about me page however, there was no comment option. That post was amazing and I truly learned more about you than ever. Your one of my close friends however, I did not know that your name meant, rising; “to bloom” nevertheless, to bloom. Great post really and the only thing I would suggest is maybe add a picture other than that it was lit.

Link to mine: https://gankalisd21.edublogs.org/

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Hey i'm Sally?

4 thoughts on “Commenting in Action

    1. gankalisd21 (Post author)

      G’day Ms.W,
      Thank you so much for your feedback nevertheless, sharing my posts on the Flipboard magazine. Very much appreciated.


  1. Ms R

    Hi Sally

    I really love some of the stuff you have posted and see you took Ms W’s advice and added links to the post. Can I add another suggestion? Try to make them hyperlinks so that readers are able to click on them and gets taken directly to the blog you commented on.

    Keep up the good work.


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